Audit History Alerts

This is either a bug or something that I think should really be changed. We constantly get user not logged in errors and often there will be a situation where the not logged in user will try to send an add row. This causes an error about every 8 minutes almost indefinitely. We have users constantly using the app so hesitant to throw the app into recovery mode and not sure if that would fix the issue.

The main issue of this post is, I turned off the audit history alerts for the weekend since I’m actually just co-authored on the app so I’m not the one getting the emails even but this did not stop that user’s error from sending an alert. Is the audit history alerts local to that current version of the app? I feel like this should be a more global server side setting than a local setting.

May I advise contacting directly?

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Yes that alert is triggered from the app template and it depends what app version your user is using.

Would switching the app to recovery mode at least alleviate the add row error messages even if the user is not on the latest version?

Hi Austin,

Aleksi is correct, but we have a rollout that only sends the Alert if the latest version of the AppTemplate has alerts enabled.

I can add you to that rollout, but if I do that it will not take effect until we deploy on Tuesday afternoon.


Works for me. Are you able to add a whole team? We are a team of devs on a business plan and the app mentioned about is the biggest offender but it is not my app, just a co-authored app.

It is applied to the account id. What account ids do you want added to the rollout?

By the say, we are going to roll this out to everyone over the next few days.

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