Audit History - Email Confirmations

I have a client who has had a few missed emails generated from workflows. When reviewing the Audit History, I usually see the workflow followed by the email record but I’m currently only seeing the workflow. I click on the record and see the process was successful but can’t see the Email confirmation as in the past to confirm my client’s exact record.

Has something changed with the Audit History? How can I confirm an email has generated successfully from the audit trail?

Thanks everyone

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This may have something to do with the recent PDF-generation problems–or it may not. Probably easiest to just engage on this.

Really, @Daisy_Ramirez, I’m not blowing you off–I know I refer you to Support a lot. You seem to have a knack for finding problems that are just outside what we typically deal with here in the community. :slight_smile:


Thanks Steve. I try to keep up with the Release Notes, blog posts and announcements and wanted to see if I missed one.

I see the notification across the top here: