Audit Log Claims Email Sent was Successful - But was not

This is the first time I attempt using a bot.
The bot is set to send an email that is triggered by an add to the “Clinics” table. The app is not deployed so the email should send to my app creator email, but just to be sure - I used my app creator email address as the email address the bot should send to. The “test” feature did not send an email to me, so I triggered the bot by adding to the “Clinics” table. No email was sent to me. The audit claims it was successful. Any insight?

In the “To” field for your contact email, click the hourglass button to make it read as a formula instead of text.



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Ok thank you, I fixed that and it still isn’t working. And since the app isn’t deployed shouldn’t it go to the creator email anyway?

@prithpal ^^

When you clicked the “Execute” button, on the new page that opens after clicking “Test”, you should have gotten a pop-up with either “Success” or some error. Did you get either?

Possibly related:

I get “success”


Oh, ok. Probably nevermind the linked post then.

Thank you seems like a bug, I went into the Bot Monitor app and it looks like everything is correct, but no email

Did you check your spam folder?

I just checked and nothing in spam

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Just posted a reply around this topic

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