Audit log content

Am I understanding this correctly: with the professional pro plan it’s not possible to download anything more than just the last single day’s audit log? If so, is there any alternative (other than upgrading to the business plan) for troubleshooting reported syncing problems? I sure hope so, since if the user does not report the problem immediately, or if the developer is not able to respond immediately, developer troubleshooting is severely hampered - which seems really unfair to the developer and his/her user. I appreciate AppSheet’s interest in upgrades, but perhaps some version of the log with perhaps a full week’s worth of limited content (e.g. at least syncing data) would be a reasonable solution. Thanks.

UPDATE: I have changed this post to a feature request after getting confirmation that my understanding was correct.

I’m afraid that’s true. You are only able to see longer list with Business plan.

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Thank you Aleksi.