Audit Log Help

I have workflows that generate reports a multitude of times throughout the day and for the most part they generate fine. We’ve recently been experiencing more missed emails so I have to depend on the audit logs to identify the issue. The problem is the audit logs are not providing dependable data unless I’m not using it correctly. Can someone confirm if I using this correctly or if there’s something wrong with the audit logs?

I’ve created a mini log to track when these emailed reports are supposed to trigger. The mini-audit log generates time stamp records from actions that take place before, within and after the email workflows so I know the workflow has triggered - there would be no records in the mini-audit log if it hadn’t triggered.

Here’s a glimpse of the mini-audit log. In this example the email should have generated at 10/11/2021 20:16 PST or 03:16 UTC. When I search the appsheet audit logs for errors during this time frame I see the data further below. There’s no reference to the workflow at all - not even with a FALSE result.

No reference at all???

Here’s what it looks like when a workflow email has generated.

Please contact Support for help with this.