Australia Date Formats in Reports

(Sebastian Tiller) #1

I have been struggling to format the date such as NOW() and TODAY() in an Australia format when using a Document Template to generate a Scheduled Report. Even by changing the locale of the tables or changing the document properties it didn’t make any difference. So I ended up creating the following. There are probably better ways as I’m not a programmer so I’m open to improvements. Hopefully, this will help someone else:

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Well… that’s okay.

(Steve Coile) #3

How about:

<<RIGHT(("0" & DAY(NOW())), 2) & "/" & RIGHT(("0" & MONTH(NOW())), 2) & "/" & (YEAR(NOW()) & "")>>

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(Sebastian Tiller) #4

Much nicer, thanks Steve!

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