Australian date format error My app uses a G...

(Michael Rees) #1

Australian date format error

My app uses a Google sheet set to English Australia and my app is set to the same locale.

  1. A few columns from the last record in the sheet is: 2. The Gif shows a create record action (actual live data is blurred) which duplicates the location and name field and uses TODAY() to preset the date. 3. the new record name field is Tenth February. 4. When saved the date is shown in correct Australian format 5. When the delayed sync happens the date reverts to US format 6. The new record in the sheet shows the timestamp and date in US format

What’s happening?

(Tony Fader) #2

Adding @Adam_Stone_AppSheet to the thread.

(Adam Stone) #3

@Michael Rees If the date format appears correct within the app initially but wrong after a sync, it usually means there’s a mismatch between the sheet locale (File/Spreadsheet settings/Locale) and the table locale specified in the app configuration (Data/Tables/Select table/More settings/Data locale). Can you double check that these match?

(Michael Rees) #4


Thanks for the suggestion but I have had this issue before and know about locale settings. For my app these are the settings.

(Adam Stone) #5

@Michael Rees Thanks, can you tell me which devices/browsers you’ve seen the problem on? And in the device or browser language settings, do you see any list of preferred languages or just a single language setting? Localization within the device depends on these local device settings. Some browsers have both a list of preferred languages and a “display the browser in this language” option, for best compatibility the top preferred language should match the browser displayed language.

(Michael Rees) #6

@Adam_Stone The screen shots are taken from the emulator in the AppSheet editor running in the latest Chrome on Windows 10. Your suggestion prompted a check of the Google Chrome display language which was set to generic English. I changed the Chrome display language to English (Austrlia) and to my surprise it changed the behaviour. Even after sync my app displays the date in Australian format - an improvement, but the Google sheet data shows a different format again with missing zeros. For information I artificially inserted a test cell showing the Google Sheet Today() function which is the format I am looking for. [Note test done on Valentine’s Day]

(Adam Stone) #7

If you select the whole column in the sheet and assign the format with zeros you want through the format menu, does it have any effect on new values that come in through the app?

(Reza Raoofi) #8

I had a similar case with an iPhone; my client switched to UK format on their iPhone, and it was fixed.

You might try it as a short term workaround.