Auth - Azure AD vs. Firebase vs. AWS Cognito

I’ve been playing with Cognito and it seems pretty smooth, but do these other services have the same capabilities with appsheet? Automatic user signing up/in?

For a program I use, Primavera P6, I need to have an SQL Server DB coupled up with some virtual machines… And I’m leaning toward Azure, and if I go with them, could I use they’re AD the same way I use Cognito?

Azure AD/B2C is a bit tricky to use…Too many damn details to fill up…Classic Microsoft :slight_smile:


Thanks man!
Currently the Cognito seems pretty smooth, and seemingly easy API…

One of my real questions is that we use Firebase for push notifications, can we use it for authentication as well?

@Grant_Stead, it’s quite logical but I don’t believe we can use it for oAuth buddy…
Btw, your mentioning about P6, it reminded my back old dates on the construction site working as a Sr. PM. I had a super genius planner from Bovis Land Lease who was making that Primavera fly. Year 1999…It was P3 those times, no SQL and we were writing VBA codes to retrieve EV data to Excel :slight_smile: Are we getting older bud? :smiley:

Yeah, I confirmed, no plans for firebase right now.
You would be surprised how many people are still using excel to update Primavera P6.