Authentication Issue

I’m trying to share an app with some email addresses within my domain, but the individuals keep getting Access Denied error when they click on the link within their email then try to athenticate. This is a new error, was there a change in Appsheet?


Under My Account page, some users have this:

While others (like myself) have this:

I suggest but a suggestion in the mean time is try allowing any provider in the authentication section of users tab. I do still think this is a bug but this might be able to get you up and running.

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Hi Austin, opening it up to anyone within my Google domain didn’t resolve the issue.

Have you enabled domain authentication?

Yes, I enabled it in our policy.

Do you own a Business Subscription with AppSheet?

Yes, I’m the admin in my organization. Would it be best I send an email to

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I’m not asking if you’re an admin or not. I’m asking what’s AppSheet account type/model?

Enterprise model.

Gotcha. I just need to verify it because domain auth can only be used with either Business or Enterprise subscription. Thanks for the info. I believe it might be better to contact directly. At least it will be much quicker I believe.

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Thank you, I’ll do that!

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