Authorization to the users

If I have two different columns Team 1, and Team 2 with list of persons on each, say their email address.

I have one form the 1st part to be completed by one of the team 1, and the 2nd part of the same form to be completed by one of the 2nd team.

How to authorize these columns to be edited or filled by each specific persons?

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I this this topic is not the one i am looking for.

I am looking to give authorization to some authorized users to fill a form for some entries, and the rest of entries by other authorized users the entries in the same form.

Example… I have inspection created by form and inspected by one of inspectors, and the confirmation of the closure shall be by the Contractor, where the status shall be filled by him in same form.

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Thanks Steve, that is amazing, is there any sample app or webinar discussing the same. This will be great.

Off the top of my head, I don’t know. :frowning: