Auto calculate prices while allowing other values

Hi, my client is using the following way of calculating the fee for an Inspection (see image). However, he still wants to be able to change that price if he wants so an App Formula doesn’t seem to work. The field is currently set to “Price”. Initial Formulas don’t work either since the value is based on two other fields (Billing rate and Loan type). Is there a workaround to this?

Add two more columns.

  1. A manual override price input.
  2. The final price view, which will have an expression like:

IF( ISBLANK( [manual override] ) , …calculation… , [manual overrride] )


I was trying to avoid this but i guess there isn’t a way around it. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Huh? So?

I tested it by selecting a Bank & a Loan type both when editing an entry and when creating a new one but no calculation result. It was 0$ every time.

That’s unexpected.

I imagine it has to do with entering in manual input to the field w/ initial value first, thus overriding the expression, then deleting the manual input, but of course now the expression has been overridden and won’t calculate even if you enter info into the other fields. Can be mostly fixed with some setting Reset On Edit, but I’ve always found it to be an easier setup AND more robust solution to just add the extra columns as I described above.

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Is there something wrong with Appsheet currently? I’m experiencing all kinds of weird stuff.

  1. Errors for column A are placed (red highlight) on other columns.
  2. Upon syncing the app, it says that there is a table and sheet schema mismatch when there is none (after a few refreshes & sync attempts it recognized that and stopped)
  3. If the initial value expression should be working, then it isn’t. Would the value of the initial value change if i were to select a different value for one of each dependent fields?

Yes. It is majorly tweaking out.

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Please report these two bugs to

As long as the user hasn’t modified the value, the value should be recomputed automatically until the new row is first saved. After the new row is first saved, the Initial value expression is not applied upon subsequent row edits unless Reset on edit? is used.

@Marc_Dillon’s suggestion is a good one in your situation, it sounds like.

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Will do, thank you for the help. I’ll report them to support!

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