Auto capture without having to press on the button

Hi, I was wondering if AppSheet is able to auto capture image once the camera function is on without having the user to press on the button. Is it possible to use OCR to let AppSheet recognise the 4 points that I want to capture so that once the user points his/her camera, AppSheet is able to read the 4 points and auto capture without the need for the user to press on the button to take the photo.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

What 4 points? Are you talking about a QR code? Yes, they will auto-capture. Otherwise, no, this is not possible.

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Iā€™m not talking about QR code. For example, if I am doing a delivery app, I would want the app that I have created to recognise the 4 points of my parcel since my parcel has a standard packaging. Is it possible or does it only apply to QR code?

No, not possible.

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ok thank you so much.