Auto create data for every day of the month using existing data

I have a GoggleSheet table and uses, through the App, update the Data. The data is updated as “Copy old and add”, so it leaves the old data and adds new data point. Uses does this 4 times a month.
So now for March 2020, I have 4 data points for 4 different days
So far so good.
I would like to fill in the data for the days that user does not input data with previous days data. Eg: User entered data for 03/01/2020 and 03/07/2020. I would like to auto fill data for 03/02/2020 with data as 03/01/2020, until we see a new entry on Date, which happens to be 03/07/2020 in this case. Then for 03/08/2020, follow the same logic until we see the next change in Date.

Columns that change when user saves the data
TimeStamp, Date

I know this is long. Please ask questions for more details, please

I really appreciate the help.
Special Kudos to person solving this!


So a few “things”:

  1. The first question any good developer should ask is “Why?”. There may be a better way to achieve your goal than to just replicate data.

  2. If replicating data is absolutely needed, AppSheet is not well equipped to help with this in an automated fashion. Their functionality does not support creating data change workflows that are kicked off at scheduled times.

  3. Whenever you have data changes you want to make in the “background” (i.e. not activated by user activity), you want to think of using backend processing to tackle it - such as scripts, database procedures or service API’s. This is a rule of thumb for any software system. In your case, I would recommend using a Google script to perform the updates you are suggesting (if they are truly needed of course)


Your are right John
I am working on a script to do this in google sheet.
I was checking, if I would be able to do this via App and that I am not missing any solution, easier then Script
Thank you so much for your suggestion.


I am still curious why you need to replicate the data? Maybe we, the community, could offer a solution to solve your problem in another way that will save you work of creating a script. Maybe??

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The reason to replicate is so that I can count how many days a given Data Point has status “Active” in a month