Auto-generated heading above a child table in form view

Hi guys, is there any way of changing the heading that gets auto-generated above a child detail table when a user creates a new parent record?

Hi @Andy_McDonald,

Typiclly this heading must have appeared for the List type reverse reference column in parent table?. Could you please see what is the name of that revrse reference type column?

There are a few options one could try -

I believe this long heading description appears in the desscription setting of that column’ s setting pane?Then you may delete this description (if you do not wish to have it even for your reference) so that the column’s name wiil start reflecting in the heading.

If you wish to have still some different name than column name itself , you could try display name setting or you could change the description itself?

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The text there now is provided by the column’s Description property. You can change or remove the text as you desire. If you remove the text altogether, the column’s Display name value will be shown instead, or, if no Display name is defined, the column’s name will be shown.