Auto increment in Workflow-email-PDF

Hi there!

I have the next table:

Item space:
I need a number that is increasing due to the amount of products that come out.
And Reset the number to future new lists of products.

What do you recommend me?

So do you want to set the ID column to autoincrement in a specific product series?

For example if you have 2 lists of products

  • “Food” has 10 items in the list
  • “Beverages” has 5 items in the list

When you add a new item to the Food list, would the ID be “11” and when you add to “Beverages” the ID would be “6”?

I want show this:

count the rows and put the number of the row

@Gonzzo. You can create a new table called Numbers with a single column called “Record Number” that increments from 1 to 1000. Add more if you need a higher count. The max number of rows will be the max number of records your report is capable of.

Then add that table to your app and in your report. Then change your workflow/report body of the report so it follows this format:

The report is created from the numbers table, and the values are populated using the index function retrieving the value in the order of the query.

@aleksi is this similar to what you had?


An answer to the previous question. better with images.

In that solution I was using nested table structure. This is another way to do the same.

How can i do that without change my workflow/report target? in the same target(IQ_tbl)?

You should be able to target your IQ_tbl with the method above. I was wrong you do not need to target the number’s table.

Also you can check out this post by @Aleksi for another method.

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Where’s my error?

I added a virtual column with

How i know i have an error?

An email was send to my email when the docs it’s ok the otherwise the email
would not arrive, Or this is my way of debugging the docs in PDF.

You know other way to debug it?

@Gonzzo You don’t need to trigger the email so you could see from the Audit history what the reason was. You can debug the template error if you use “Save & Verify Data” instead of normal “Save”. That will check your formulas on a template as well.

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