Auto-Populating Most Recently Scanned information

Currently, I have a table that will reference and populate Stock Numbers as soon as the associated QR is scanned, however, I have an ENUM column I also need to auto-populate based on the last/most recent scan but I’m not having any luck whatsoever.

What have you tried?

I’ve tried:

  • LOOKUP([On or Off], “Scan”, “On or Off”, “On or Off”)
  • LOOKUP([Scanned], “Scan”, “Scanned”, “On or Off”)
  • IF([Scanned] <> " ", [On or Off].[On or Off],
    ANY(SELECT(Scan[On or Off], ([Scanned] = [_THISROW].[Scanned])

I even created a sheet that is a mirror image of the main table “Scan” google sheet, so I can try to reference but I’m not getting the result I need.

You’re using LOOKUP() incorrectly.

This isn’t doing what you think it is. Read more:

This may help too.

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