Auto record of Geolocation

Hi, I’m thinking about a new application; I’m wondering if there is a way to auto-record your location every 30 mins intervals. I have tried to do some expressions but apparently, it didn’t worked out so do anyone out there knows how I can make it work?

Negative. AppSheet is a reactive system in this manner, meaning it requires an actual interaction in order to capture a location.

Best you could do would be to send a notification to someone that they could tap, which would take you to a simple form to grab their location (and anything else). But there is no way to put something on a timer.

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Hi MultiTech_Visions

sorry to ask this Q in this post but maybe helpful us.

I am looking for ways to trigger voice in geo location for tour.
Ie. when a person is at an area it will trigger the voice. is this possible with app Sheet ?

Thank you so much hope we can benefit

No. The app cannot take action without user interaction.

Thank you for your reply

Can gps in phone be the interactions or the trigger

Thank you

No. The app cannot take action without user interaction.