Auto-refresh "enum" list from gsheets

Hi, i want to auto-refresh a list from g sheets in the app, but only can be done when i “regenerate the structure”.
The list changes several times a day, so with out this function the app turns to be useless.
I need to generate new work order on one view, and then use this new number of WO to apply actions and dates. Once this WO is close it disappears from the list. It works perfectly on google sheets, but doesnt work on the app.
Any thoughts?

What you do you mean with list? Are you adding or deleting any columns from your base gSheet?

Can you please explain how you construct that list? Screenshot? Expressions? etc.


Hi, when i say “list” i mean a Drop Down list. This drop down list, is in the google sheet, and it depends of a dynamic column. This column is based on formula that change to " ", the work orders marked as finish, so de drop down list only show “open” work orders. I did this only by changing the “type” to “enum”, and works until i add a new WO, or change de status of an old one to “finished”. It doesn’t affect the dropdown list of the app, but works fine on the google sheet.

This drop-down list is not configured in the field as type “enum” but as type “ref”. Only with this change it should already work correctly.
In addition, it is better to make the filter of those already finished in AppSheet instead of in the Google Sheet and configure “valid if” when they meet that condition.

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