Auto save and re-open form after Barcode scanning problem

I created an attendance register app which uses barcode technology. To mark the register, there is a form which allows for scanning of the student barcodes.

I want the form to auto save a record and re-open after scanning a barcode. I activated those functions in the view of the form…however, the form still requires me to manually save a record after I scan a barcode, thereafter it automatically re-opens the form again.

In summary, the auto-save function is not working while the fomr reopen after saving is working.

Please help me resolve this? I need help please…

For auto save to work, the barcode field has to be the last editable field in the form, is it?


Thank you. It’s working now. Just one more question:
How do you make a form always open with one of the fields (columns) ready for entry?

I want to open the form with the scancode column selected and ready for entry.