Auto scrolling or slide advancing - possible?

We are using an app for EOC check-in and now they may want to project the current roster on a tv display outside the room. Since this list could be 100-150 names is there a way to have a table view automatically scroll down and then start again at the top and repeat? Or another view type that could auto advance page by page?

Or perhaps there is an add-on solution to use with the appsheet display to make this happen?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

I know there are some 3rd party AutoScroll applications, I found something like this. Would that work?


Interesting integration idea. Have you tried it in AppSheet, @Billy_Sheng?

I have not yet! To be honest, I haven’t had a use case for it.

I’m excited to hear if its a good solution.

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Thanks! I was curious. I may not have time to try it out myself but if anyone tries it out, I’ll be interested to learn about the results.

Instead of scrolling, you could probably use Dashboard view with 5 slice views (tall) and then scrolling would not be needed if your data amount is not increasing. Possible in your case?