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Dear all;

First of all, I’d like to thank you in advance for the support.

I have two tables, one of sales orders ( Pedido ), and the other for dispatches of the cargo ( Expedição ).

To control the cargoes that are still waiting for expedition, I have created a slice, filtering only those that do not have the column named ( Expedido ( Dispatched ) ) in the [Expedição] table.

The ( Expedição ) table have a column ref to (Pedido) table, and I have tried to creating another ref linking the (Expedição) to (Pedido) , trying to pull the information if the order number (column (Número doPedido) in the [Pedido] table) was already dispatched. My intention is that when the cargo is dispatched, the table [Pedido] is ‘informed’ that the cargo is no longer waiting to be dispatched, therefore, will be no longer in the list of cargoes to be dispatched.

I have tried to creat an action to do so, but the column [Expedido] in the (Expedição) table , from which the information would be pulled does not appear to be chosen, as seen below:

The (Expedido) column in [Expedição] table has a formula, that if the total of dispatched boxes are bigger than 0, it automatically shifts the text of the column to a new text. That’s what I’m trying to copy to the [Pedido] table, so the slice will filter only those sale orders whose not have this column filled.

I might be trying to do it using the wrong command, so, please, don’t stick to my attempt.

Again, thank you all for your support.


Fábio Nabuco Correia

Does the Expedido column have an App formula expression?

There are two [Expedido] columns: one in the (Pedido) table and other in the (Expedição) table. I have put an formula that IF the total of boxes filled in the (Expedição) form is > 0, it will automatically changes the value to the Text “Carga Expedida” in the (Expedição) table, and the goal is that the [Expedido] column in the (Expedição) table will automatically update when the cargo is dispatched. But it does not need to be this way.

What I’m trying to do through this IF comand is to creat a way to separate the ones already dispatched ( “Carga Expedida”) to the ones that are waiting for dispatch.

Thank you very much, Steve!

A column with a App formula expression cannot be modified by any other means.