Autocomplete data on web pages

Good afternoon everyone, first thanks for your help.

A while ago looking at other publications I saw that you could autocomplete information in Google calendars from the application as an example with the following link 8

My question is the following, would it be possible to perform this same action on other web pages?

For example I would like to complete the user field on the following page

I have tried following the same example of the Google calendar but I can’t get it.

I greatly appreciate your help.

What has this to do with AppSheet?

Hi Steven, what I’m trying to do is autocomplete the user field from appsheet, in my application I implemented autocompletion in the google calendar a while ago, and I was wondering if this is possible as with the google calendar on other websites.

As you can see in the following example, the google calendar is autocompleted, I want to get something like this in appsheet

Thank you very much for the help you can give me

Hola, Marc_dillon, Thank you very much for the help, I have tried to perform this action but it does not work.

Well, that doesn’t look legitimate at all.

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Thank you very much Steve.

Not possible in AppSheet. You will need to write an external function (linked via action or webhook) that uses browser automation (like selenium or puppeteer) to achieve this.