Autocompute formula

Hello, when i fill "realtore"and “firma” columns, I would autocomplete “sigla” Column with the first name and surmname initials.(example: LR/MV)
I have create table with first name\surname and initials

which formula can I use?
settings in my tables?



Try an Initial Value in Relatore of


In Relatore you probably also want to turn on Reset on Edit

Dosen’t work.
i have a table with columns sigla,relatore,firma
i have another table with association between name of “relatore” or “firma” and “sigla”

My goal should be
put name “firma” column LUCA ROSSI
put name “realtore” column MARCO VERDI

automatically system generate “sigla” LR/MV checking name in table
need an app formula in “sigla” Column

Send a sample of both tables data. As the itallian wording is making it confusing

Main table

table with Initials


Is this what you mean?


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Thanks,it works!!

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