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I have a reading list app where the books are grouped by Author. So at the top level, the user clicks on an author and views the books by that author. When I originally set up the app, if the user was within the list for a particular author and clicked on the “Add” button, the Author field of the form was populated with the name of that particular Author. However, that functionality seems to have stopped working. Is there a way to set it up so that this functionality works again?



Hi @Chris_Goering Could you please provide more detail and maybe some screen shots of your problem thanks.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Are you trying to add a new record from the table view grouped by “Author”?


Hi @Chris_Goering I think I understand what you mean. I have noticed the same thing in one of my old apps. I will check my app and try and get some screen shots.

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The Drivers are double grouped. Im sure when adding a new entry using the plus button the driver field used to be prefiled. Now you need to reselect it again. Hope that makes sense.

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Hello @Lynn
What makes you think that the ref dropdown should automatically select the matching grouping value as an initial value? I don’t think that there’a relevance between the table grouping and the ref dropdown in the form


Hi @LeventK Im not sure. I just had a feeling thats what used to happen. Im probably getting confused with something else. Too many late nights … :thinking:

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Yeah, yeah…I can understand you very well being an old night owl :slight_smile:

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Action not displaying overlay
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Yes, what you are showing is exactly what I am experiencing as well. My Authors field is double grouped and it used to auto-fill when using the plus button.

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HI @Chris_Goering , @LeventK Has tagged @tony to check this out .

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They are both correct. This is something that used to work and I’m experiencing a it as well.

For example I have created a app for someone that allows her to register her expenses in different currencies. The app has a table view where the transactions are grouped by currency.

Not so long ago the form would prefill the correct currency if she had hit the + button after selecting on of these grouped currencies. As mentioned by others before, this is no longer the case. The user now has to select the currency again in the form view.

It was quite a nice feature and I wish it wasn’t taken out.

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I believe @morgan is working on addressing this issue.


Great thanks. Will be good to have it back.


@Chris_Goering @Guillermo_Perez I see this is working again. Thanks Appsheet.

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(Guillermo Pérez) #15

Great thanks for the heads up! Thanks appsheet team