Autofill column based on view Context

Hi, there are several forms in my app with fields that I would like to be auto filled based on the view I was previously in. For example, I have an Assets table and an Asset Deployment Log table. The Deployment Log has a field where I select the Asset I want to deploy from my Assets Table. I’d like to have a button on the detail view for my Assets table that opens a new form for the Deployment Log that automatically has the Asset I want to deploy filled based on the Asset I was previously viewing.
I’m thinking this is like a Context expression?

Check out linktoform()

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So I got the Linktoform part but any advice on the field being autofilled based on the view I navigated from?

Linktoform(“view name”, “asset column name in form”, [asset column name in current table])

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That did the trick! Thank you!

For reference:

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