Autofill from the same row

Hi All.
I have 4 fields (Columns) in a form and all data is of the same row:


In JobID I have a Valid If of “qryNewNotifications[JOBID]” which allows me to select a known JOBID from my csv file.

How do I autofill


From that same csv which relates to that JOBID?


Hi Steve.
What am I not seeing ?
I created a virtual column to test the LOOKUP function.

“Customer” table:
Columns are:
Virtual column formula test: LOOKUP(JobID,“qryNewNotifications”,“JobID”,“Insured”)

“qryNewNotifications” table:
Columns are:

The formula returns nothing although the expression assistant returns:

One randomly chosen value from this list (
…The list of values of column ‘Insured’
…from rows of table ‘qryNewNotifications’
…where this condition is true: ((The value of column ‘JobID’) is equal to (“JobID”)))

JobID is unique in each table but not the KEY

I also tried: ANY(SELECT(qryNewNotifications[Insured], ([JobID]=“JobID”)))

Did you read the Troubleshooting section of the LOOKUP() doc?

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Still returns nothing…

Did you try the Test button in Expression Assistant?

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We have a result…
I can see customers in the expression test.
I had previously viewed the table and the data, I’ll try the expression in the correct column through the form, with luck we may have resolved this.
Thank you Steve :+1:

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