Autofill one of my field after the selecting on the previous dropdown list

Hi, does anyone knows how I can autofill one of my field based on what I have selected in the previous dropdown field?

In the attachment above, I have a master data in Google Sheets which contains the following field shown above. I have created a view from a separate Google Sheets. In that particular view, the following field should be filled in by my app user. Once the app user has filled in their name and chosen their video game from the dropdown list. Then, the URL field will autofill and refer from the master data according to the name filled and chosen video game.

Please help to advice. Thank you.

Thank you for the reply, Steve. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I am aware of the app formula and initial values that AppSheet provides. However, I am not very sure what type of expression to be used. After the selection from the Enum Dropdown, I will need AppSheet to go back to the Master Data table to search & match the locale and the selection that the user has selected from the Enum Dropdown before the URL can be displayed. Can you help to advice on this?
Thank you

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Your Master Data or let’s just say Function table should be like this:

Function_ID | Name | URL
0000000001 | Toys | http : // toys . com
0000000002 | Musical | http : // musical . com
0000000003 | Cooking | http : // cooking . com

Name is your Label

In your separate table for the user, make sure the Function column type is ref and source table is the Master Data (Function table) .

Then put in your URL column (user table)


Thank you for the guidance.

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