Automate Creation of Slices

Hi AppSheet Community,

I’m creating a driver dispatch app where every driver has a view of their own “clipboard.” The number of drivers and who is or isn’t a driver is variable. Drivers may quit or become newly hired at a moment’s notice. Is there a way to automate the creation of a data slice for a specific driver when a user creates a new “driver” object? For example if Bob is hired as a new driver can I automate the creation of a data slice for Bob or do I have to manually enter him into the app?

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Hi, if you have an email column with the initial value USEREMAIL() in your table, you don’t need to create new slice every time when new employee arrives. You can just use a condition rule like USEREMAIL()=[EmailColumn] with one slice.

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Hi @Aleksi,

I’ve attempted what you suggested but the “Routes” in my app do not populate user views like they’re supposed to. Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Here is the Show_If constraint for the Clipboard View

Here is how I created the slice

Thank you.

What are you trying to accomplish with the Show_If for the Clipboard view?

Does the slice itself work as intended?

So the slice works as intended because it creates a view for every email address in the Users table.

With the Show_If for the Clipboard view I want a different clipboard view for every user with a distinct email address. The clipboard view should show routes for only that user, but it’s showing routes for all users.

A view’s Show_If merely determines whether the view is displayed in the main menu or in the navigation bar; it does nothing to control the data presented within the view. The view will display whatever data is in the table or slice to which the view is attached. You’ve apparently attached the view to a data set that includes all users. Looks to me like you want it attached to the Routes slice instead.

What exactly should I attach to the Routes slice? I only have one slice at the moment. Thank you.

I reread what you wrote and for some reason it didn’t make a difference, which stumps me. Thank you though.