Automate Email and Message Template


  • My app contains client list and contact details
  • It also has action buttons like call, send a message or email, as shown in the photo below


  • Are there any ways I can make an automatic template that will appear directly on my device’s messaging app or email app when I click on the action buttons?

Sure thing. Check the below image for system generated SMS. Same applies to the Email and you can set an expression in the message area.


Thank you! @LeventK

@LeventK can you help me to solve this expression?

Good day! [Client Name]

Please see the details below for your requested quotation.

Details 1
Details 2
Details 3

Thank you!

I want to pull off that kind of template (Longtext format for multiple lines) with values of [Client Name] on the first line.

CONCATENATE("Good day! ",[Client Name],"
","Please see the details below for your requested quotation:","
","Details 1"," // if this detail value is coming from a column value, replace "Details 1" (w/ quotes) with [ColumnName]
","Details 2","
","Details 3","
","Thank you!"

Thank you so much @LeventK

You’re welcome