Automate: Importing SQL Database to Google Spreadsheet?


My Appsheet pulls data from Google Spreadsheet. As for right now, I am manually copying the data from SQL and paste it on Google Spreadsheet. Do you know if there is a way for me to automate this process (importing SQL to Spreadsheet) every day? Thanks in advance.

I am not aware of any facility in AppSheet that will do this for you automatically.

Have you considered having AppSheet access your SQL database directly? It works wit a number of SQL database providers.

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As Phil said, you can add it as a data source. Your other option is to use an add on - for example,

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I will look into the suggested solution. Thank you.

Dear Kevin,

With the move to Google, I have just been informed that the is no longer steep charges involved to use external database etc. It is now included in the basic pricing.

As such I would suggest just registering the database as a data source. I had to ask and check a few times but it appears it is now all-inclusive in the base per-user pricing.

However, I have a script that can pull query data into Google Sheets and it works fine.

Greg Diana

Hi Kevin, as someone posted earlier you can use Supermetrics to move your data to a spreadsheet: