Automate tasks when a Google Sheet is changed

Hi, I am trying to automate tasks when there is a new row added to my Google Sheet. I have read up on the “External Eventing with Google Sheet” link guide on how to set up my Google Sheet and within my AppSheet app. I have encountered some problems when setting up the Google Sheet.
What I did step by step:
-I have installed the AppSheet Events.
-Under my Google Sheets, I have go under Adds On > AppSheet Events > Update App keys. I have set the sheets that will require automation to happen and connect to the tables with the app key.
-Next, based on what the “External eventing with Google Sheets” appsheet link guide, I am supposed to go under Adds On > AppSheet Events > Turn events on/off.
However, when I hover at the AppSheet Events, there is no turn events on/off. It still appear “Update App keys” which I have already finished setting.

Does anyone know how to go about with this?
Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@Temiloluwa_Otuyelu or @prithpal Could you please help here?



You can skip this step: Adds On > AppSheet Events > Turn events on/off.

Please follow the steps on page 104-106 of this document:



Thank you so much for the help. @Zhifeng_Lin @Temiloluwa_Otuyelu
Much appreciated. :grin:

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