Automatic background sync : I set this opti...

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Automatic background sync :

I set this option ON.

On the app editor, it says it will automatically run sync in approx every 30 mins, but I want to deep into bit more details.

For instance, on my mobile phone, I close app, and within 30 min, say in 5 min later, I re-open the app, but it wont start sync.

After more than 30 min, say in one hour, re-open the app, App itself start to run, but in a sec later, Sync would start which i can confirm through the main menu, right hand side, Sync button.

Automatic background sync would start and triggered when we

re-open the app?

Or even keep closing the app, fresh data will be pushed to the user device in every 30 min without using the app on device?

All in all, I would like to know when and how the automatic background sync would be triggered to run.

(tsuji koichi) #2

My app is getting bit heavy to launch, so i m turning off sync upon start option.