Automatic collecting of user's email w/o user...

(Neil Boisen) #1

Automatic collecting of user’s email w/o user login?

I have been using the USEREMAIL() function for collecting contact information, but my app does not require user login (as there are hundreds of users and I am using a per app license).

I recently started getting a warning message in my apps informing me that the USEREMAIL() function cannot be used unless the app is requiring the user to sign in and that this function will become inactive sometime in February 2018.

So the question arises:

Is there an alternative for automatically collecting the user’s email address?

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(Neil Boisen) #3

What will happen after February 2018 to apps containing USEREMAIL() without user login?

Will they continue to function properly and merely ignore the function (leaving the column blank)?

Or will the app malfunction and require updating?