Automatic email 2 days before the due date

Hi Community,

I would like the application to automatically send an email 2 days before the due date of my “Action plan” table.

For example, the user completes a form where he enters that he needs to change a bulb light before August 3rd. I would like the user to receive an email on August 1st if the action is not completed yet.

Can you someone please help me?



Follow the below steps:
1.Create a report under behavior section with daily as schedule
2.Select the table of the records which you wants to trigger email
3.Select Foreachtable under “Create Report”
4.Put expression in “If this is true” as TODAY() =Date([your Date column])+2
5.In action select “Email” as reaction


In general good sequence of steps described above. I believe following needs to be additionally considered.

Step 3: I believe the third step needs to be " ForEachRowInTable" as probably the user needs to get only updates about that record that is due in next two days.

Step6: Possibly the email needs to go to only that user who entered that particular record. In that case in the “To” of Email addresses inthe report pane setting, there needs to be an expression something like
SELECT(Table Name[Email], AND([Your Date Coumn]=TODAY()+2, [Email]=[_THISROW].[Email]))