Automatic GPS Location Logging

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Including Initial Values and ensuring column values cannot be editable is an effective way to securely log dates, times, locations & user details on every saved update. Some useful Initial Value expressions include:

  • HERE() for capturing users’ GPS location
  • USEREMAIL() for capturing the app user email address
  • TODAY() for including today’s date
  • TIMENOW() for including the current time

(Apps will always notify & ask permission of the app user before capturing location info)

Here’s a simple example of how to get started building functionality mentioned above. What other types of functionality would be useful for this scenario?


@Peter - Very nice! (and maybe even a little bit creepy) :smiley:

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Thanks @Mike - just added a clarification/reminder that app users will always be notified and asked for permission first :slight_smile:


:+1: and still awesome anyway!

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