Automatic Pivot Tables from Data Sources

This is a request from a researcher client of mine:

I would like to be able to take record-level data, and reorient it into a pivot table for further analysis.

Currently, the method to accomplish this is…


You have to create all sorts of specialize slices to hold subset of data, then tons of virtual columns to fill out the “columns” for the table - all of this virtual, running over tons of data, that will eventually become a nightmare to work with.

This “hack” of a way is not going to scale

It would be great if there was a way to take a table/slice, and create a dynamically changing pivot table view off the data.

  • Dynamically updating the “columns” based on the data included in the pivot range.

As always, thanks for considering! (^_^)

That would be a great feature, since appsheet is so useful in colecting data, having a way to better visualize it without requiring third party tools sounds awesome.

Appsheet just doesn’t cut it when compared to Alteryx reports and more specifically Tableau. Even generic Excel is better at visualization in most cases. I don’t know that I would ask them to go that far outside of the current visualizations. Maybe after those better charts I think I’ve seen teased on the forum come out? If and when those have materialized, you might get hopeful for this.