Automatic scheduled notification (using Reports) not working, but manually clicking "Run" works fine. What am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

I have an app that sends an update to all users first thing in the morning.
I have set up the “Report” at a Daily schedule, 8:00 am, selected the correct timezone and made a notification using the Notify do-this.
And when I click Run, I get a message on all devices that I’m logged in on :slight_smile:

However, whenever it’s 8AM (or whatever other time I set it to), the notification doesn’t get sent.
Do these reports require a PRO account? Or is there another reason why they are not working when scheduled, but are working just fine when hitting “Run”.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: never mind… I just found out my suspicion was correct: it requires a PRO plan… Ah well…

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Yes it needs Pro and your app needs to be deployed as well.

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Is it only deploy but not pro, can it be run?