Automatic timesheet app with QR code scan

Hello, ive been testing the timesheet app but it doesnt work for me. Is there a possibility to make a timesheet app that when users click on “clock in” button, the app requires a scan of user’s personal QR code and auto populate a record with the user data (time stamp, user id, date, time in, time out)?

And when te user clicks on “clock out”, scan their QR code and auto populate just the time out column of the previos clock in record.

The user cant clock out if there isnt a previos clock in record.
The user cant clock in if there isnt a clock in and clock out complete record.
The user can make a multiple clock in’s and clock out’s the same day.

hope you guys can help me. thank you so much.

I uploaded additional sample app which may help your use case.

Just click the button which opens up new form (but you use this app, it will open up bar qr code scanner of your device. Scan the qr code of the each USER (you can add new user on the menu, User view) and it generate the unique QR code.

Scan this QR and select either IN or OUT.

User can not register OUT if IN is not registered beforehand on the same day.
Both IN/OUT can be recorded once on each day.

Those are constrains being placed in this sample app.


thank u so much! i have a question. Is there a way to force the data entry just with the scan?

Yes, it is possible. From form view to capture QR code, please leave it with scanning field alone, remove any other field. Once the new form is opened, then scanner is activated. Scan code. Then it automatically save data based on my settings on the sample app.