Automatically Add Rows & Update Columns

I’m looking for feedback on how best to implement the following addition to my app:

  • The app manages our order fulfillment process for a steel manufacturing operation.
  • I have a parent table consisting of work orders (contains primarily an order number and shipping information).
  • The child table consists of the work orders’ individual line items.

Presently we use a CSV import in the app to get the data into both tables. This works but it’s manual in Appsheet and is cumbersome to make in our accounting system. We just configured our accounting system to create an automatic, daily excel export containing all of our order information. For reference, the accounting system’s export is based around line items.

What I’d like to do is setup our app to automatically do the following:

  • Create new rows in both app tables as the accounting export table grows
  • Update existing rows as changes appear in the accounting export table

In a nutshell, I’m looking for advice on how best to configure the actions (and probably a bot to coincide the actions with the timed updates to the accounting system’s table data) to:

  • Look at the work orders and line items tables and only add new rows to both
  • Look for changes in existing rows and update those column values.

I’ve read numerous other posts here where actions are configured to do similar things on a row-by-row basis when users make changes (and other similar variations) but I haven’t come across anyone else doing something similar in bulk like what I’d like to do.

Any input or thoughts would be appreciated.

If I understand correctly, you have Order PLACEMENT performed in an existing system and you wish to funnel that information into an AppSheet app to handle the Order Fulfillment.

What datasource are you using for the existing Order Placement system? Could you tap directly into that datasource from the AppSheet App?

Setting aside the suggestion above, there is something fairly recently introduced known as External Eventing. You can trigger automation in your AppSheet app based on changes made to a Google sheet. I don’t know much about it myself yet. Maybe it can help?

You can find out more about that feature in the two following articles

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As I re-read the information, it appears that this eventing might only happen when a person enters data into the sheet through the keyboard.

The only other option is to use third-party services such as Google Scripts or Integromat to migrate the CSV data into your tables.

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