Automatically call a cell from the previous row

I’m trying to call the previous cell in this spreadsheet so that when I add a new report, the LIST_ID just increases by 1 i.e. a new report would automatically input a LIST_ID of 26, if the previous row has a LIST_ID of 25. How may I go around doing this? Is it a simple LOOKUP formula?

Try an initial value of:


If I understand your request correctly, then I don’t think a LOOKUP() formula would be the best way to do this. How are you defining the “previous row”? If it’s by the whatever the current highest LIST_ID is, you can do this:

Updated after seeing @Steve’s suggestion
Fill in the initial value for LIST_ID as
MAX(Table Name[LIST_ID]) +1

OR, if you’re defining the “previous row” as the most recently created one, and you have a created timestamp column, you can do something similar to this:

  1. Create a virtual column with some name (E.g. “MaxRowTimestamp”) with this app formula:
    MAXROW("Table Name", "Timestamp Column", [RowKey] <> [_THISROW].[RowKey])
    to get the key value for the row with the most recent timestamp. I added the conditional statement at the end because I assume the timestamp column is filled in with the initial value of NOW(), so if not explicitly excluded,would always result in the most recent timestamp.
  2. In the initial value field for LIST_ID, use the formula: