Automatically create parent and child records one click

I was running into a problem where I wanted my users to be able to add multiple days off for employees by just selecting a range of dates. This meant that I had to create multiple records from one form. I was able to accomplish this by using three tables.
Table 1 (just updates) - is a single record form that gets updated, but no new records are added.
Table 2 (just updates)- has a bunch of formulas in it that look back at table 1 to figure out how many records to create. My action button updates a counter here, and this initiates a workflow. That workflow takes the data off of this sheet and updates the table where this record will ultimately live.
Table 3 (creates new records)- Due to the workflow initiated by the counter in Table 2, new records are created here.

I upgraded this by just adding a parent ID and a counter to table 1. Now when I hit my action button it increases the counter on table 1, creates a new parent ID, updates table 2 with records, then adds new child records to table 3 that now has a child record ID and parent record ID, I created table 4 that now holds the new parent record.

In summary, I have one form that a user can update with a range of dates. After they finish they hit a button, and then it creates a parent record and multiple children records.

I think this would be simple to just ask for a qty for the user also.

Here’s the link to my app, have a peak under the hood
Child Records


This is an amazing solution. Thanks for posting it! I think you need to mark this app as a public sample, as I’m not able to look under the hood or see the definition…


I think I made the definitions visible now. Please take a look, if that didn’t do it, do you have a link I can follow on how to make it public?

Thank for liking it, I thought it was a clever work around

Follow Lynn’s guide. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great thank you. Here is a link to my portfolio

If you need me to explain any of my work just let me know. As I stated, the magic is in the spreadsheets.

Hi @School_Bus
Do you have the App definition set to hidden? I cannot see under the hood.

Ok, it’s no longer hidden.

Thanks , will check it out.

@Martin_Pace This was the one I was talking with you about