Automatically create row, based on condition

Hi all,

Is there anyway of generated a new row based on a condition in another row.

I have an Ordering App, when the user creates an order they input an Order No which is formatted as the following

PORXXXXXX-XXX i.e. POR123456-001

The following “001” represents the delivery number, so if any items are short the same POR number can be created but it will be delivery 2 i.e. POR123456-002. This process continues until the order has been completed.

The current process is as follows:

POR123456-001 is created with requests assigned.

The delivery is received and items are marked as short, and the delivery is marked as “Incomplete” .
The buyer needs to be informed so the second delivery can be created.

Once the buyer is informed, the copy the requests and input the follow up qty.

They copy the Order and change the delivery number and ETA.

This all takes significant communication, so we introduced some reports to collate the orders that require any follow up e.g. the orders marked as incomplete.

But I was wondering would it be possible to either automatically create the follow up if the order is marked as incomplete or a way to know that another delivery is created so the buyer can ignore the report issues raised?

Not sure if I’ve understood this correctly. But you could create an Action that changes the data and a Workflow that calls the action based on a trigger

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Sure. As part of whatever process marks an order incomplete, include an action to add the follow-up order.


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Think my main issue is, that two different users are responsible for the two actions

i.e. a site admin completes/incomplete the delivery and a buyer creates the deliveries/order (the original and follow up).

There is a lot of communication and manual process involved at the moment so I’m not sure if triggering another action is going to work and the action to create follow up already exists