Automatically generated template does not work correctly

I want to generate a document which contains two related tables. Automatically generated template is:

But this is not working. No “Przeglądy” and “Wnioski” record in tables are generated.

It seems the template is generated based on activity in some Third table, whose row is referenced by “Przeglądy” and “Wnioski” records.

Can you show an example of where it is not working - including the data between the three tables you are expecting to be shown?




Do you need screenshots of bot’s configuration?


Is it possible to generate a document which has at one page data from these three tables?

Yes it is possible.

I realize from your video that you have a parent/child relationship established for the two tables and that you are probably generating the report automatically once the parent row is saved. The issue is that the parent row is saved first and then the children rows are saved. However, the Bot is likely being triggered immediately once the parent row saves.

So, I think what is happening is that your template is generating the report BEFORE the children are saved. This is a known mis-understanding and there is a pattern to correct for it.

Refer to the article below and scroll down to “Sending Email Only After Adding a Parent Record and All of Its Children”. The principle is the same when generating a doc from a template


This is it! Thanks :slight_smile:

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