Automatically open a form after bot creates?

Really sorry if this is a painfully obvious thing to do but I am fairly new to the platform.

I have a property management appsheet and I want users to be able to create a maintenance record after they do an inspection (two different tables) if the maintenance is required. I added a field to the inspection table (YES/NO) so they can indicate if maintenance is required. I then have a bot that creates the new maintenance record and carries some of the data over.

All of that works, but the user would have to then go to the maintenance list, find the new item created and then open and edit it. That’s not terribly hard but ideally I’d like to have that new record open up automatically as a form for them to edit. Does that make sense? The bot triggers when the field saying maintenance is required changes from NO to YES (made default NO). So, can I add something to the bot that creates that maintenance record and then opens it in a form?

Again, sorry if this is a simple thing to do and I’m just missing how. I appreciate any help I can get.

Nope, that won’t be possible with Bots.

However, you really have no reason to be doing this with a Bot in the first place, you can probably just do it with a set of Actions, set up to run on Form Save from your Inspection Form. This set of Actions CAN forward the user to a new view at the end, by using a “go to another view” Action.


Ah, didn’t even think of that. Ty, I’ll give that a go. Can I still do that as a conditional?

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