Automatically open pdf in workflow

I’m new with Appsheet and hoping for some pointers please.
I’m trying to print out receipts for my service order app. I’m aware that it takes some work around to print in Appsheet. So this is what i’ve got so far after gathering pieces from different helpful threads here.

  1. I created an action column in my sheet > then created an action to change the value of that column > which in turn triggers a workflow (based on the value update of that column) to create a pdf file based on a google doc template.
  2. Then I had to create another separate action to open that pdf file in a browser,
  3. Then print it from there.
    Everything went smoothly, and I was able to print.

However I was wondering if there’s a better/more streamline method to combine step 1 and 2 into just 1 action & 1 workflow (instead of in my case having to click on action 1, wait 30 seconds, then click action 2, before clicking print from the browser.)
Perhaps, is there a way to trigger opening of a file as one of the steps inside my workflow? I saw some advanced threads about using google app script and deep links to achieve similar tasks via the webhook route. But I’m not quite sure that’s the only possible route to achieve my goal…
Hope my question make sense & thank you all in advance.