Automatically saving reference key value on form when user selects the referenced row's description

I have a table that contains

ID UniqueID
Description Text

I have another table that references the first table

Allocated Widgets
ID UniqueID
Widget ID Text
Person Text

I want to create a UI for the Allocated Widgets table.
I want this form to show a drop-down of all available widget descriptions but when the user saves the form, I only want the ID for the selected Widget to be saved to the Allocated Widgets table.

Currently, I show the Widgets.ID field on the form, when the user drops it down, they only see the ID values, not the descriptions. Likewise, if I show the Widgets.Description field, when the user drops it down, the see the descriptions, but when they select one and save the form, it only saves the description, not the ID.

Is there a simple way of doing this or do I have to create an action to lookup the ID from the description and save it. I really don’t want to have to do this if there is another way, as there are a lot of situations that I will need to do this in my data.

Hopefully that is clear and hopefully one of the experts on here will be able to educate me :slight_smile:

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Thanks Steve, that explained it nicely :slight_smile:

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