Automatically setting one column to blanks when another column changes

I’m a novice user so I’m not sure yet how the pieces of AppSheet fit together. But here’s what I’m trying to accomplish …

I have these fields:

  • [Priority] is text.
  • [List] is text.
  • [Done] is text.
  • [When] is text.
  • [Hide Until] is a date field.

Note that the above text fields get manually entered and changed EXCEPT when I want to automatically blank out those text fields when [Hide Until] > it’s previous value. For example:

Before editing:

  • [Priority] = “Urgent”
  • [List] = “AAA”
  • [Done] = “Done”
  • [When] = “This Week”
  • [Hide Until] = 8/3/2020

I edit [Hide Until] to be 8/4/2020 (any value > 8/3/2020)

When I save it, I want the end result to be:

  • [Priority] = “”
  • [List] = “”
  • [Done] = “”
  • [When] = “”
  • [Hide Until] = 8/4/2020

What I’ve tried:
I tried a behavior to “Set these columns” to “”
and “Only if this condition is true” … [Hide Until] > [_THISROW].[Hide Until]
but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any ideas on what the proper approach should be?


[Hide Until] > [_THISROW].[Hide Until]

should be;

TODAY() > [Hide Until]

No … Thanks Steve … but neither date is based on Today’s Date. The date on the record might be today, last week, next week, next year, last year, etc. The date I’m changing it to could be any date (in the future) that’s greater than the date on the record.

You can use below expression to RESET the values of other columns via RESET_ON_EDIT
[_THISROW_AFTER].[Hide Until] > [_THISROW_BEFORE].[Hide Until]


Thanks @LeventK … This worked, but I decided to make it a Workflow Rule instead. Just so that all the actions could be together in one rule for [Hide Until].

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Excellent. You’re welcome.