Automatically update field value based on input from another table using workflow


I have recently built an app for my e-commerce business which manages order processing. Till now everything seems ok, but I’m stuck with automations where I need some expert advice.

App Description

I’ve got these Tables -

  1. Products (Fields- Product Id, Product Name, Type, Price and Image)
  2. Sale (Fields- Sale ID, Date, Order ID, Order Status)
  3. Sale Details (Fields- Sale ID, Product ID, Order ID and Packing Status)


I’m trying to change the status of “Order Status” in Sale Table from “New” to “Packed” when I change the “Packing Status” in Sale details Table to “Packed”.

I know this has to be done with actions and workflow, but I’m not sure how to do it. I’ve seen a lot of videos and read a lot about it, still no help.

Looking for solution with steps (if possible). Thanks in advance

You need to use two actions… the one which update the sale record and then another one that is triggered from Sale Details record and this action needs to be triggered as “Execute an action on a set of rows”. Please check a sample app called “Update Parent” from

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Thanks, works like charm!

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You’re welcome

I am trying to understand how to update the Parent table but the expression is not working.

Have you checked that sample app already how it’s built?

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May I ask what kind of formula have you tried and where?