Automating manual processes faster with AppSheet Automation

Please use the linked form to sign up. We will update here when we get close to having folks try it out.

It doesn’t accept gmail’s and that’s all I have.


Applied. Lemme know when I can try. EXCITED!!!

Sounds like we are able to set “async” on demand of app creators. You guys are super awesome.

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we get more???

Wanted to provide a quick update on the Early Access signup. We are working on including additional features (intent aware suggestions, monitoring) to make the early access experience better and hence its taking a little longer than we initially thought. We are targeting early Q1 2021 for this early access release to be available for folks who have signed up for it.



@prithpal please opt me in for early access as well.
Account ID: 245151

Please use this link to signup.

I click on the REGISTER button but nothing happens. I can neither see a confirmation nor an error.

@Peter can you help with this?

Hey @LeventK are you seeing this form? If you can refresh or try incognito, and make sure all fields are completed, it should work (there was some strange behavior previously with the wrong form displaying)




Thanks for the tip @Peter. It worked with the incognito.

Hi @prithpal ! As it looks like “automation” is becoming a permanent part of the AppSheet toolkit, how about an “automation” tag for this forum. There may not be many threads about automation yet but I’m sure that much more discussion is to come. Currently, if we just search for the word “automation” we get all kinds of hits that aren’t at all relevant (“automatically” etc.).

Perhaps you can help with this, @JCadence, if you have time. :slight_smile:

The tag should come right after “action” in the following:
Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 21.08.17