Automating Weekly email for a slice

I understand the layout changed for this in June 2021, so the old material for helping with this issue is not up to date for what I can find on here. It should be pretty simple. I have a slice called “order needed” that is generated from items that have an inventory less than the minimum acceptable inventory. I would like this list emailed out once a week. I got it to send an email, but I do not know how to reference the slice so that this slice (list of items) shows up in the email. Please help!
Thank you!

When you create an Event for your bot you can pick the slice as the table for the scheduled event.


Thank you, Dan! My email is now generating, however, it is emailing all of my “products” table and not the list that is in my slice “Order Needed”. My Event now refers to my slice,
but my process refers to “products” as shown:

The Event and Process need to agree or it gives error. If I choose none it wont agree. If I choose “Products” it agrees but sends me all my products. As you can see from the dropdown, I cannot choose my slice in my Processes. Please advise!

Processes act on the tables rather than the slices so that is fine.

I tried to repro this and for me I am only getting emails for the rows that are in the slice (My slice has a filter so not all rows of the table belong to the slice).

Are you seeing issues with that or the actual contents in the email that have all the columns from the table rather than the reduced set from the slice ?

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What I did was:

  1. Assigned the Table Name to my slice under “tasks”
  2. Changed the Table to “none” under Processes
  3. Turned off ForEachRowInTable under “events”.
    Now,. when I send it through, the email that it sends is not my list, but is:

    If I keep the EachRowinTable checked on, it sends multiple emails of more than what is in the list.
    Thanks for your help!

The scheduled events have tow modes, either they trigger a bot execution for each row. Or just a single execution for the entire event. You can read more about it at Event: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center.

If you have “For Each Row In Table” turned off then you can use the templates in order to structure an email with the details that you wish. You would define the table or slice in that template.

For learning about templates take a look at Email Templates | AppSheet Help Center and Sample Email Templates | AppSheet Help Center.

Hope this helps